How to bypass Brawl Stars blocking: new methods and topical tips

One of the most popular studios, Supercell, has suspended access for users from some countries to its applications, including the popular Brawl Stars game. This decision has left users wondering how to bypass the blocking of Brawl Stars in these countries and continue to enjoy the game.

Bypassing blocking on Android smartphones and tablets

Using VPN services has become an integral part of life for residents of Russia, providing access to blocked resources. There are many programs on the Internet, but not all of them are equally effective and safe. TeginVPN offers one of the best solutions, providing a free trial period to familiarize yourself with the quality of services.

To bypass the blocking of Brawl Stars on Android devices, users can take advantage of a loophole via Google Play. The app can be updated manually even if it has temporarily disappeared from search. In case of problems accessing Google, it is recommended to download a free VPN.

For iOS devices, the procedure is similar, but may also require you to change the region in your account. This includes disabling subscriptions, family access, and uninstalling the app before changing the region in Apple ID.

How to unblock a Brawl stars account: choosing a VPN service

When deciding how to unlock a Brawl Stars account, choosing the right VPN service becomes important. TeginVPN stands out among many options, providing full encryption, access to blocked resources and high internet speed.

  • full encryption of your real location;
  • opening access to those applications that no longer work in Russia;
  • no excessive traffic consumption;
  • high speed of the Internet after launching VPN;
  • access to a large number of different servers.

Login is limited in Brawl Stars – how to log in

Despite the sanctions, users can continue to use services like Brawl Stars with the help of VPN services. TeginVPN provides a variety of service packages, ensuring full data protection and access to blocked content.

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