What is VPN and how to use it

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an anonymous network connection technology that protects users’ private information on the Internet. If you are logged into the Web through a virtual private network, no outsider will be able to intercept your login or password. Even when using public Wi-Fi, with a VPN you will retain your anonymity.

What is a VPN connection

VPN is a network connectivity technology. It allows you to organize a subnet in an existing connection. In translation, “Virtual Private Network” means “virtual private network”. It encrypts the new, surface connection, thanks to which privacy is preserved.

The surface network is closed from external access, so no one can interfere with it. The only prerequisite is a high speed connection.

The connection is a point-to-point connection. This is a tunnel connection. To enter the “tunnel” you can use any personal computer. The operating system (OS) can also be any. The main thing is that a VPN-client was installed. It bridges the virtual TCP/IP port to another network.

How VPN works

When you access the Internet from a computer or mobile device, your IP and other identifying information is read. By using a VPN, for example, by installing it on your router or downloading an app, you will log on to the Internet secretly and no one will be able to see your address and personal information.

Why you should use a VPN with TeginVPN

Choose TeginVPN to protect your privacy and freedom online.

The privacy you deserve

TeginVPN spoofs your IP address and encrypts your traffic. This ensures complete privacy of your online activities. Neither ISPs nor government agencies can track your online activities. Websites do not recognize your real location, allowing you to freely bypass regional restrictions. TeginVPN uses dedicated servers around the world and is regularly audited, ensuring that your traffic stays safe and out of the wrong hands.

Access to blocked resources

Bypass censorship and restrictions by getting free access to blocked sites and services. TeginVPN gives you the freedom of choice and the ability to use the Internet without geographical restrictions.

Dedicated servers worldwide

TeginVPN uses dedicated servers located around the world. This ensures fast and stable Internet access wherever you are. The servers are regularly tested to ensure the security and reliability of the service.

What is a VPN used for?

A VPN is used in cases such as:

  • to allow an application to operate, IP from another zone;
  • to anonymize networking;
  • to hide the location of a computer;
  • to access a shared network;
  • to get a high speed connection;
  • to avoid various failures;
  • to create channels protected from hacker attacks;
  • for secure corporate networks.

If you create a VPN connection, the Internet will become open and safe. You can not worry that the provider or cybercriminal will get access to important information. The VPN encrypts it.

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